Holiday ornament gift boxes
Holiday pottery gift box options

We are introducing our limited-time Holiday Ornament Gift Boxes!

We are excited to announce our exclusive Holiday Ornament Gift Boxes, the perfect gift idea for your crafty bestie, or customize your own box and have a unique activity at home with friends and family.

Our two style options to choose from this holiday season are The Traditional Box and The Custom Box. All boxes come with your choice of two ornaments, two brushes to keep, and the paint to glaze your pottery with.

Step 1:

Check out our color chart and Ornament list (more options available in store, not all options are listed below) to see what options might interest you!

(Be sure to have a second choice in mind should we be out of stock for the ornament(s) you were thinking of)

Step 2:

Once you have your color and ornament choices made, call the studio to place your order!

( have your colors picked and ready to read out when ordering)

Step 3:

We will collect payment over the phone and you will be able to pick up your order once we assemble your box and contact you for pick up.*

Step 4: Pick up order, paint, and enjoy!

Step 5: Drop off painted ornaments at the studio when they are ready for firing.

* Remember the last day to either paint or drop off finished ornaments to be fired before Christmas is December 12th!

*Allow us 24 hours to process your order before pick up, this will ensure your box(s) are correctly packaged during this high-traffic holiday season. 

The Traditional Box colors include 5 pre-selected colors: Cara-Bein Blue, Poo Bear, Just Froggy, Hot Tamale, and Crackerjack Brown. (White and Black colors are also included)

The Custom Box includes 5 colors of your choice + 1 Specialty Glaze( or a 6th color if you did not want a Specialty Glaze). Please take a look at the color options on this page for your color options and for your Specialty Glaze choice.

For any other questions please call the shop for more information!

Thank you!

yeti orn

truck paint orn

texutred cardinal orn

snowflake orn

sassy cat ornament




Santa Orn

nose reindeer orn


North Pole sign orn

Navtiviy orn

Joy orn

flat candy cane orn

bone orn

Bite Me orn

avacado orn

3D rex orn

3D mitten orn

3D cactus orn