How it works

Our rent-the-studio offering gives you the ability to rent our entire studio for a completely private event! This is a great option for birthday parties, customer appreciation, corporate team-building, etc… when you have 13 or more painters in your party.

View more details below, and you can always call us (720-324-3133) or email us with any questions!


  • Minimum of 13 painters (if you have fewer, you can rent our party space instead)
  • 2 hours minimum
  • $60/hr + the cost of pottery
  • Requires a $60 deposit that gets applied to the total
  • The deposit is refundable up to 48 hours prior
  • Can be booked for before or after our regular business hours

Important information

Please note that while food and drinks are welcome, we do not offer refrigeration. We don’t recommend bringing ice cream unless you have your own cooler. No alcohol, please, as Colorado does not allow BYOB. We are actively seeking an alcohol license to be able to sell wine, beer, and cider, but this is not currently available.

We are unable to separate bills for rent-the-studio which means it gets billed under one transaction.

All pieces will be wrapped together and collected by the party host as we are unable to have separate pick-ups.


DISH Network rented the Glaze & Phase studio for a team-building activity with over 20 employees. They had the amazing idea to create friendly competition by holding a vote on which piece turned out the best after firing. It brought out all kinds of creative ideas, and it was all around a blast for everyone (including the Glaze & Phase team!)

Dish Network Rent the Studio testimonial for Glaze & Phase
Dish Network rented the Glaze & Phase studio for a team building activity